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Applying disruptive technology and talent on the development of simultaneous ventures

Our Portfolio

Intelligenti puts itself at the head of Artificial Intelligence applied in law. It utilizes resources of Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and image recognition to support administrative tasks and decision making processes inside the juridic sector, creating advanced Prediction Models.

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Waybee acts as an Education Aimed Service Hub, developing tools, solutions and methodology through technology. Its features are focused on communication needs, administration, transport, sales and pedagogical advances.

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Move On is a technology company dedicated to urban mobility trough Car Sharing, with mobile solutions to facilitate and reduce expenses in Fleet Management. It's dedicated to B2B and B2B2C segments.

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Indigoway is a technology studio focused on R&D with expertise in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

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We're a Venture Studio

IndigoPar’s business model contrasts with the traditional Startup culture through two focuses:
Parallel Entrepreneurship e Hands On Involvement.
We give emphasis to the increase of agility, creativity, innovation and resources optimization via synergies arisen in the group work of multidisciplinaries teams dedicated to simultaneous projects.
Our ventures are established through the combination of hard work and talent of our collaborators, differing from models where, on the first stages of creating a business, there’s a greater distance between investors and entrepreneurs.


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